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IP Whois API

IP Whois API

Our Whois API provides records with accurate and easy-to-use data fields - Point of Contact (POC), Organization Identifiers (ORG), Networks (NET), and more. We do the busy work by developing well-parsed insights for our users.

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    Andrew Morris

    We needed to further contextualize Internet scanners, crawlers, and bots. Origin networks, data centers, ASNs, and countries are a huge component of that. We were looking for a faster, more developer-friendly alternative to existing geo-IP providers. A close friend of mine hit the IPinfo API with cURL, and I saw all the information we needed.

    Andrew Morris Founder / CEO, GreyNoise

    Billion API requests last month

    Well-parsed and
    usable IP Whois data

    The Internet has an approximate year-over-year increase of 5.4 percent for domain name registrations across all TLDs. We stay current with Whois data changes by updating our these insights daily and gathering record sets from around 400 Whois servers. Access our Whois data by IP, ID, or domain, including the following information:


    Our Whois API includes
    the following information

    • Netblock range
    • Maintainer POC
    • Netblock name
    • Admin POC
    • Whois ID
    • Abuse POC
    • Org name
    • POC email
    • Org ASN
    • Registration date
    • Org ID
    • Expiration date
    • Whois status
    • RIR/NIR source
    • Tech POC
    • Country code
    • Domain name
    • Full raw IP Whois record
    • ASN record

    Ways to use our IP Whois API

    • Conduct threat analysis

      Enrich your IoCs (indicators of compromise) and detect malicious activity with IPinfo's reliable Whois data.
    • Prevent fraudulent traffic

      Whois data can be used to collect evidence of suspicious activities before launching official investigations.
    • Improve modeling tools for fraud detection

      IPinfo's accurate Whois data helps institutions improve machine learning and risk modeling.
    • Data enrichment and domain history

      Use this information to pinpoint better leads and create market forecasts.
    • Stay ahead of competitors

      Trace opportunities for growth by identifying strategic investment opportunities.
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    Our database downloads contain the same accurate IP address information available with our APIs. These downloads are available in any format (eg. CSV, JSON, MMBD) with additional options to customize the fields.

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    Our database is built, maintained, and supported by our in-house team of developers and engineers. These data experts are ready to troubleshoot problems, build unique use cases, and create additional enterprise solutions.

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    Supports integrations

    Our API integrations merge the power of IPinfo’s proprietary IP address database with other industry-leading platforms. Use your IP WHOIS data at scale with our supported integrations, such as Snowflake, Splunk, Maltego, and beyond.

    • PHP
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • Java
    • Spring
    • Node.js
    • C#
    • Rust

    Official libraries

    We offer libraries for the most commonly used programming languages and frameworks. Check out our documentation to facilitate easier setup.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is WHOIS derived from IP addresses?

    WHOIS data identifies who owns an IP address as well as how to get in contact with the owner. The value of WHOIS records is that they include contact information for companies, individuals, or groups. Additionally, they provide details about the registrar - the organization which assigns that IP address.

    How to do an IP WHOIS lookup?

    IP WHOIS lookups can be done with many online tools that query the WHOIS database servers. But most of these tools fail to provide structure, accurate, or comprehensive view of the data. There is no centralized database server nor a standard of reporting for all kinds of WHOIS information.

    IPinfo WHOIS database provides contextual and structured data from the various WHOIS databases. IPinfo also provides additional context and structure using various other reliable sources of data.

    How often does WHOIS update?

    WHOIS database provides context to two different data types: Domain information and Internet Number Resources (IP address, ASN) information.

    For the domain information, The WHOIS database on a registry server usually gets updated in a few hours when the domain registrars provide the WHOIS data to them. On the Internet Number Resources side, the data is provided by the 5 RIRs.

    Pinfo, on a 24-hour cycle, downloads both types of IP WHOIS data from all relevant sources and then processes it to make it uniformly consistent and user-friendly.

    How to use WHOIS data from IP addresses?

    WHOIS data can be used for many purposes. From the cybersecurity perspective, WHOIS database can help to combat malicious activities, hacking attempts, filtering spam/phishing links, and cyberattacks.

    System administrators use WHOIS data to identify system and infrastructure level issues, maintain internet and network stability, and improve content and service delivery. WHOIS data is also used to identify trademark infringement, copyright violation, malicious domain owners, and for other legal, law enforcement, and accountability purposes.

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