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We offer several free features and tools to make IP address data more usable. These tools help our users apply IP insights better, test our data precision, and discover how accurate IP address information can improve each use case. Many of these features were recommended by the innovators and users we're proud to serve.

IPinfo.io CLI


The official CLI for the IPinfo supports nearly every feature and API we offer. Users can query our API more efficiently including bulk lookups, ASN details, summarize the details of up to 1000 IPs, and much more.

  • Summarize IPs

    Summarize IPs

    Summarize IPs is a free IP data visualization tool. Simply paste a list of IP addresses or upload a text file and the tool will compile a visual overview that includes these details: location, IP types and privacy statutes, top ASNs and companies they belong to, top countries.

  • Map IPs

    Map IPs

    Paste up to 500,000 IPs below to see where they're located on a map. You can use the map to pinpoint your customers, identify origin of abuse, or visualize your global presence. This map can be easily shared and requires no coding effort.

  • CIDR converter

    CIDR converter

    CIDR notation is a compact representation of IP address blocks that consists of an IP address and a suffix that represents a number of bits for the network address. Use our free tool to quickly find the IP range and other details for a given IPv4 block.

  • rDNS lookup

    rDNS lookup

    Reverse DNS resolution (rDNS) is a technique used to determine the hostname associated with an IP address. Users can conduct a reverse version of the standard forward DNS lookup (an IP address from a domain name) with our free tool.

  • Pingable IP Finder

    Pingable IP Finder

    Pingable IP address lookup is a free tool to help you find IP addresses that can be pinged using the ICMP protocol. You can either lookup up an IP address or a CIDR block. Then we will find the closest IPs that your ping utility can use. Knowing pingable IPs can help you identify running hosts, diagnose network issues, and potentially identify the location of an IP address.

  • Twitter Bot

    Twitter Bot

    Gathering IP insights is as simple as a tweet. Enter an IP address and our bot will reply with geolocation details in seconds. Making IP data more usable is our goal. Follow these simple steps to get IP insights from our Twitter bot.

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