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IPinfo for TravelTech

Travel and tourism account for over 10 percent of global GDP. Now, however, travel consumers expect personalized experiences, better security, and user-friendly interfaces within seconds of visiting your site. In other words, leisure isn't simply tied to vacation anymore. It's tied to booking, planning, and paying for trips as well.

IPinfo's accurate IP address data helps you leverage insights from anonymous web traffic to create the hassle-free experience your customers need.

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IPinfo works with some of the top companies from the world of TravelTech

  • h10hotels
  • Hipcamp
  • JetSmart
  • Luxe
  • Snaptravel
  • Enable leisure anytime, anywhere

    Let us do the work for you by gathering, maintaining, and delivering insights you can rely on. Over the years, we've processed terabytes of IP information to ensure that our customers get the most accurate data on the web. Use these datasets to power web personalization, customized content, secure transactions, and much more.

  • Less waiting, more traveling

    Each month we process more than 50 billion requests and serve 500,000+ businesses. Our IP data has helped these companies make their sites more user-friendly, responsive, and functional. With accuracy you can rely on, your customers get flexibility and quick access to travel plans whether local or global.

We’re proud to serve some of the most recognized names in the Travel industry

Lluís Garceso EspigaresH10 Hotels

The implementation is very easy and straightforward. The API is very concrete - features are highlighted and that’s it, nothing too fancy. I remember checking out some other services but none of them were easy to use or attractive from the economical point of view.

How IPinfo powers travel tech

From online booking services to airline reservations, travel tech needs to deliver hassle-free experiences for users. IPinfo's reliable IP address insights automate local recommendations, customized content, accurate pricing for customers, and much more.

  • Pre-populate forms using geolocation data

    Deliver hassle-free experiences for customers by pre-populating forms based on location. Our Geolocation API delivers quick insights to help eliminate purchasing barriers.

  • Cater to global customers with localized pricing

    Using accurate geolocation data, travel tech companies can automatically choose the correct currency, pricing, and language for website visitors. Reach more global and local customers based on their location.

  • Detect slower ISPs to improve load time

    Less waiting, more traveling. IPinfo’s ASN API provides valuable data to help you uncover visitors' service providers and understand user intent. This information can help you adjust your site's load speed based on the type of visitor.

  • Customize content and travel recommendations

    TravelTech companies can pinpoint the language, country, and cultural demographics of website visitors with a little help from geolocation insights and mobile carrier data. Help your website visitors find the right travel arrangements by using this data to make appropriate travel recommendations.

  • Serve content based on mobile carrier

    Automatically select a mobile interface by detecting devices. Use this data to make a more mobile-friendly experience for customers who make travel plans on their phones.

  • Display appropriate offers and advertisements

    Travel tech companies can encourage more conversions by pinpointing specific discounts or advertisements based on the viewer. Use our geolocation data to offer the right discounts to the right buyers at the right time of year.

  • Combat fraud and malicious transactions

    Privacy detection data, from VPN identification to tor usage, allows companies to detect malicious users. Pinpoint masked identities, prevent transaction fraud, and protect your customers using this information.

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