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IPinfo for Telecommunications

When you need to make communication and connectivity possible on a global scale, don't shortcut your business and customers by working with anything less than the most accurate and responsive IP address data API.

The telecommunications industry evolves fast, and we move right along with it.

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We’re proud to serve some of the most recognized names in telecom, and we’d love to show you why you should get on board

From multinational conglomerates to local providers, IPinfo will work to build a custom solution that meets your exact needs.

  • Nokia
  • Vodafone
  • Telefonica
  • IP address data reliable enough for the future

    IPinfo has been in business since the heat of the 4G era, and with fifth-generation wireless technology proliferating, we're excited for what awaits. Whether you provide customers with connectivity via phones or Internet, airwaves or cables, audio or video—we have the fastest and highest-quality IP data available.

  • 50 Billion API requests a month

    Understanding and identifying the traffic that reaches your network, on the fly, is invaluable. We know that milliseconds translate to hours at an enterprise level, and that’s why we’re constantly pushing our API latencies as low as we can possibly reach. IPinfo currently handles 50 billion API requests per month, and we have the infrastructure to handle much more.

Details on carriers, companies, ranges, and much more

Our proprietary IP address data sets are built by constantly scraping the Web, collecting and crunching data, and manually updating information on a daily basis.

We provide endpoints that return information on abuse contact details, ASNs, carriers, companies, domains, hosting details, ranges, and more. Our product is never finished, and we’re constantly rolling out new features.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the Telecom space:

  • Know when visitors are with a slower or more expensive network

    Mobile users wear their providers on their sleeve, and if your company provides a better or more reliable service, IPinfo can help you realize it. From there, you can let customers know exactly what better level of service they can expect from your network.

  • Automatically show network strength expectations based on geolocation

    Your customers aren’t interested in seeing offers that they don’t qualify for. Highly targeted offers can result in huge conversion rates, but mistargeted offers can lead to users trusting your business less. Using our API, you can make sure this never happens.

  • Develop data sets to help your business outpace its competitors

    IPinfo’s API is a building block that coders love. Using it, you can build a database of service providers and mobile carriers directly from your website’s traffic and learn what type of data speeds you’re up against.

  • Target only the customers in your service area

    Wasted time is wasted money, and if you’re a provider operating a local or low-range network, IPinfo has all of the data your business needs to pinpoint customers within your service range.

An API to build on security, web personalization, marketing, and more