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IPinfo for Governments and Institutions

Governments and other official institutions work toward a singular goal of enhancing citizens’ lives. The “how” of this work is an ever-evolving process that requires powerful cybersecurity solutions in the digital age. The sensitive nature of the information that government institutions must handle requires an elevated level of cybersecurity data privacy and exceptional accuracy. When it comes to IP address data, that's exactly what IPinfo delivers.

Leverage the power of IPinfo to elevate government and institution cybersecurity protocols and data management.

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  • Proud to work with major governments and institutions

    IPinfo works with 30+ major government entities and institutions which rely on our IP address data to perform critical processes. Our solutions have a stamp of approval to support cyber defense at a government level, what more could you ask for?

  • Small, But Mighty: The Flexible IP Address Info Source

    IPinfo is nimble enough to comply with all of your institution’s onboarding procedures and regulations, and flexible enough to adapt to your specific data needs. And when it comes to data quality, we punch above our weight: We handle over 50 billion API requests per month, and our solutions can be used to bolster your cyber defenses and support official agencies.

Here are a few examples of how governments and institutions can leverage the power of IPinfo:

  • Customizable IP Address Data Delivery

    IPinfo provides accurate, high-quality IP address information every time, and we’ll work with your institution or agency to deliver it in the way that best suits your needs. Choose from accessing it via our website interface for simple web searches, or call our APIs. You also have the option to set up a downloadable data feed or use a bulk upload tool to process CSVs and other file formats. No matter your level of technical expertise, we’ve got you covered. We make it easy to access our data, so you can get right to work leveraging it to power your operation.

  • Localization & Customization

    IPinfo's data fuels accurate content localization and effective website customization. Our geolocation API enables you to personalize your user’s digital experience by making geography-based redirects, providing content in a target language, prefilling forms with a visitor’s location, delivering localized offers and testimonials, and displaying prices in local currency. You can wisely serve content for e-government portals to guarantee access to relevant information, including specialized SLAs, supplier forms, service quotes, and NDAs.

  • Threat Intel

    Use the power of IPinfo to deanonymize threats. Though a suspicious user may hide behind an IP address, our solutions can help you quickly identify key information about any suspicious IP address. Get accurate geolocational data, host domain data, privacy detection, and more to help identify and act on threats.

  • IP-Based Restrictions

    When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of your cybersecurity strategy, proactive action is vital. Respond to threats before they take action by creating IP-based restrictions. Block users with certain IP address information from accessing your site, thereby effectively thwarting potential attackers before they make a move. This solution works even if the user has credentials for your website, so it’s a true deterrent.

  • Abuse Reporting Automation

    Governments and institutions often deal with high web traffic from all over the world. As with any website experiencing a high volume of visitors, it’s critical to have effective abuse reporting automation in place to support swift retaliatory action. IPinfo’s powerful API solutions handle reporting and prevention as a part of your website’s cybersecurity strategy.

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