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IPinfo for GameTech

With around 2.7 billion users in the global gaming market, frictionless gameplay - including uptime and scam prevention - improves customer loyalty and satisfaction. IPinfo focuses on providing accurate and reliable IP address data, improving gaming and gambling experiences while blocking fraud at scale.

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IPinfo works with some of the top companies from the world of Technology

Over 100,000 businesses and developers depend on us to provide some of the most important data when it comes to GameTech.

  • Aquiris
  • Gamecaster
  • Realistic
  • Gamestop
  • Gamigo
  • Better IP data. Better gaming experiences

    Never forfeit positive gambling experiences or game design again. Create better games and game loyalty starting with IP geolocation, VPN detection, and Abuse Contact data.

  • Improving GameTech customer loyalty since 2013

    Each month we process more than 50 billion requests and serve 500,000+ businesses. With our accurate, hassle-free IP data, we help GameTech and gambling innovators improve the user experience.

Here are just a few examples of what we can do for businesses in the GameTech and Gambling:

  • Customization

    As the gaming and gambling industries continue to grow globally, it's more important than ever to customize user experiences. GameTech developers can use IP geolocation data to pre-populate forms, match game users based on location, limit gambling users by geolocation, and much more.

  • Privacy protection

    Keep gaming and gambling payments secure using our Privacy Detection API and use VPN data to limit content to specific users or regions. Beyond that, protect your bottom line by preventing pricing abuse by masked users.

  • Fraud prevention

    While global expansion provides new markets and more options for revenue growth, it also introduces more potential risks of fraud in the gaming industry. Our Abuse Contact API helps automate fraud reporting. Don't let your growing user base keep you from protecting your bottom line while you scale your business.

  • Latency

    Fast and responsive gaming features are a top priority for customers. Improve frictionless gameplay by matching game users by location or by limiting specific content to certain regions. IPinfo's APIs won't slow you down either. Our servers are super optimized, providing blazingly-fast data retrieval for industries that need it faster than ever.

Prevent fraud, scale customized gameplay, and much more.