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IPinfo for E-commerce

Nearly 88% of online buyers never return to a site after one poor experience. But with accurate IP data, e-commerce sites can personalize each customer experience even while expanding on the global stage.

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IPinfo works with some of the top companies from the world of E-commerce

Over 100,000 businesses and developers depend on us to provide some of the most important data when it comes to E-commerce.

  • eBay
  • SleepNumber
  • AllBirds
  • JohnDeere
  • Pierce
  • Go global while going local

    Customer personalization and revenue growth go hand in hand when it comes to using IPinfo's geolocation data. With accurate IP address data, IPinfo improves both localized and global site experiences, making websites, products, or services easier to understand.

  • Improving E-commerce personalization since 2013

    Each month we process more than 50 billion requests and serve 500,000+ businesses. With our accurate, hassle-free IP data, we help e-commerce sites direct customers' attention to the right products or services. Web personalization is essential in the age of online shopping, and trustworthy geolocation data is how we help you get there.

We’re proud to serve some of the most recognized names in E-commerce

Mohamad Ali Baydoun
Mohamad Ali BaydounChief Technology Officer, Lemonade Fashion

As part of our security operations & automations we have multiple use cases for doing IP data enrichment programmatically, by using the ipinfo.io API we are able to do this seamlessly and obtain fresh quality data that drives actionable insights. We are excited about the expanding offering and looking forward to continuing our partnership.

Using IP data to optimize E-commerce sites

  • Localization

    Localized currency, language, and pricing: As online stores continue to expand, they also need to adjust their website based on buyers' locations. Companies can personalize e-commerce experiences using accurate geolocation data. Our IP data is accurate and reliable, enabling correct languages, currency conversions, and accurate prices that are easier to understand.

  • Shipping and Taxes

    Shipping, taxes, or other policies: E-commerce sites often need to adjust policies like shipping to optimize revenue and avoid customer complaints. Geolocation data helps adjust product offering, shipping, or tax policies to different regions worldwide. Show accurate content for your customers using our precise geolocation API.

  • Customized content

    Customized web content: From location-based offers to special holiday discounts, connecting the best offers with the right buyers can improve conversions. Our API will provide you with accurate geolocation data so you can target specific customers with the content or discounts they need.

  • Prevent frauds

    Avoid fraudulent transactions: For e-commerce sites, secure transactions and privacy protection impact buyer trust and loyalty. Using our IP data, you can discover suspicious visitors or activities. Our Privacy Detection API and Abuse Contact API help you track down masked identities or fraudulent activity, preserving the integrity of your site in the long run.

  • Faster sites

    Decrease site load time: You have approximately 0.05 seconds to make the right impression for site visitors. But if your site loads too slowly, this can negatively affect your site's performance or conversions. But with our ASN data, you can identify users with slower service providers so you can minify your website. Our API is built to improve personalized experiences for e-commerce.

Improving online shopping with hassle-free personalization

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