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Nethone🔓 Cybersecurity

How Nethone fights fraud with IPinfo

Nethone gives companies a better understanding of their website visitors to improve user experiences and prevent fraudulent activity.

📈 Market position

About Nethone

Nethone is a fraud prevention company. Since its inception in 2016, Nethone has grown to nearly 100 team members who specialize in security, engineering, business skills, and data science.

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    Marcin Zubrycki
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🤔 The problem

Fraud is growing in many industries

In the last two years, over 66% of tech, media, and telecommunications companies have experienced fraud. It is a growing problem for online retailers, travel agencies, cryptocurrency, and more. Nethone has developed proprietary technology that uses 5,000+ attributes to determine fraud risk and attempts. Some fraud parameters are more crucial to understanding if someone is going to commit a crime. VPN detection is one of them.

⏳ The process

Finding the right IP address provider

While Nethone’s team maintains a state of the art in-house VPN detection solution, it needs a robust and reliable IP address data provider. As a growing scaleup, their team needs to spend more time on developing reliable fraud detection. Ultimately, they chose IPinfo for these reasons:

  • High quality and accurate IP address data
  • Easy to use
  • Saved time for their team

Getting the same quality data as IPinfo with an in-house team is actually quite difficult. That’s why we chose IPinfo.

Marcin Zubrycki
Senior Product Manager of Fraud Intelligence Team
🔬 The solution

VPN detection to stop fraudsters on the dark web

Nethone’s robust machine-learning technology regularly scans the dark web to detect how fraudsters do their work. And since most users on the dark web hide their identity, VPN detection is an important parameter for fraud scoring. IPinfo’s Privacy Detection data has helped save time for their team while improving their ML models.

Almost every single fraud method involves some form of VPN. It’s a crucial parameter to detect when someone is about to commit a crime

Marcin Zubrycki
Senior Product Manager of Fraud Intelligence Team
🎉 The result

Nethone improved fraud visibility for clients

Over the last five years, Nethone has improved its fraud detection with IPinfo’s Privacy Detection data. With IPinfo’s data, their company could focus on what mattered most - developing reliable ML fraud prevention and reaching their next growth points. As a result, Nethone is leading the way in AI-powered fraud prevention.

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