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IP Geolocation API

IP Geolocation API

Around the globe, industry-leading organizations use IPinfo's geolocation data to create efficient, enjoyable, and secure online experiences for their users. These IP geolocation insights lead to better conversion rates, improved customer satisfaction, and much more with our API that's built for low latency responses.

  • ip:"",
  • hostname:"dns.google",
  • city:"Mountain View",
  • region:"California",
  • country:"US",
  • loc:"37.3860,-122.0838",
  • org:"AS15169 Google LLC",
  • postal:"94035",
  • timezone:"America/Los_Angeles",
Anthony Jaggs

Before IPinfo, we didn't personalize the site. If people landed on it, they would have to identify which country they were coming from, or the country wouldn't even be displayed. The visitor often ended up navigating through the site or going back to Google to find what they were looking for. This resulted in an unsatisfactory experience for our users.

Anthony Jaggs Digital Product Owner, Bupa

Billion API requests last month

Accurate & low-latency
IP geolocation lookup

IPinfo specializes in providing accurate IP to location data. We take it so seriously that we build and maintain our own proprietary IP geolocation database. Our GeoAPI provides a response that includes these datasets for every IP:

  • Hostname
  • Location coordinates
  • Region
  • Postal/zip code
  • Country
  • City

Ways to use our
IP Geolocation API

  • Optimize web personalization
  • Pre-populate sign-up forms
  • Personalize content based on location
  • Localize language, pricing, and currency
  • Gather statistics and demographics
  • Enforce IP-based restrictions

Want to leverage the power of raw datasets? Try our Downloadable Database.

Our database downloads contain the same accurate IP address information available with our APIs. These downloads are available in any format (eg. CSV, JSON, MMBD) with additional options to customize the fields.

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Made for developers
Trusted by enterprises

Our database is built, maintained, and supported by our in-house team of developers and engineers. These data experts are ready to troubleshoot problems, build unique use cases, and create additional enterprise solutions.

  • Zapier
  • Snowflake
  • Wordpress
  • Maltego
  • Splunk
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Heroku
  • Polarity

Supports integrations

Our API integrations merge the power of IPinfo’s proprietary IP address database with other industry-leading platforms. Use your IP geolocation data at scale with our supported integrations, such as Snowflake, Splunk, Maltego, and beyond.

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Node.js
  • C#
  • Rust

Official libraries

We offer libraries for the most commonly used programming languages and frameworks. Check out our documentation to facilitate easier setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IP geolocation?

IP geolocation are high-level location insights derived from an IP address. These generalized insights include the country, region, postal code, city, and latitude or longitude of the nearest city center.

How does IP Geolocation work?

IPinfo gathers IP address information. Then when users need geolocation details for specific IPs, they can query our API or download our database.

What is my IP Geolocation?

View your IP address, geolocation, and more details at IPinfo’s What Is My IP tool.

How to use IP Geolocation?

IP geolocation details help develop better threat intelligence, web personalization, IP-based restrictions, and more. Learn more about our customers’ success with IP geolocation data here.

How accurate is IP to Geolocation?

IPinfo updates our IP address database every 24 hours to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Read more about our commitment to data quality here.

IP geolocation differs from other geolocation methods (i.e. GPS) in that it’s non-specific. It cannot be used to track devices in real-time.

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