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IPinfo's Data: Insights We're Proud to Distribute

Accurate. Reliable. Proprietary insights.

IP address data is only as valuable as it is usable. That's why IPinfo offers industry-leading IP information that prioritizes reliability, accuracy, and thoroughly vetted datasets. We power actionable insights by gathering the most precise and up-to-date proprietary data with our multi-step validation process.

Ben Dowling

There are two main things we're always doing at IPinfo. The first is making sure that our data is great quality. That will be a project that will probably last forever. The other piece is how we make it easy for people to access that data.

Ben Dowling Founder & CEO, IPinfo

Where we get our data

It all starts with a team that's dedicated to processing and releasing only the most accurate IP address information. With the help of our unique algorithms, we refine 20 terabytes of data every month.

Our in-house data experts monitor our databases every day, moving each piece of data through a 5-step process. The result? The data we release is the data we'd want to use.

Collect & Clean

Collect & Clean

We gather data from multiple sources, including our own proprietary sources



Our algorithms develop and learn a model to separate good and bad data



Our team double checks and validates the good data



We adjust our existing databases with the most accurate IP data available



Our data experts compare models and time to find conflicts, as well as customer relevance

What sets our data apart

  • Comprehensive


    Powered by our data team, rigorous data retrieval, and unique algorithms, our databases maintain comprehensive IP information for results-driven companies.

  • Accurate


    Since IP information changes every day so do our databases. Every 24 hours, we update our data, ensuring that users get the most accurate insights available.

  • Reliable


    Our infrastructure automatically scales to handle more requests as needed. Plus, with 99.99% uptime, users get the data they need when they need it. Our team is located around the globe, providing customer support no matter what time of day.

  • Continually improving

    Continually improving

    The longer we've been around, the more industry-leading companies use our data. Along the way, our users' feedback and suggestions fuel better insights and tools for other customers.

What to expect from our data

Build use cases on a solid foundation of IP address data using our flexible data retrieval systems.

  • Search

    Perform individual searches to find details on one specific IP address or ASN

  • API

    Set up integrations that automatically trigger actionable insights

  • Bulk uploads

    Avoid individual searches and API integrations by uploading ASNs or IPs

  • Database downloads

    Customize datasets and feeds so you only pay for the information you need

Thomas Kilmer
Thomas KilmerCo-founder, Spur Intelligence Corp.

IPinfo provides the foundation for a successful investigation and is a must-have in any security organization.

Insights from our data

While our IP address data is very accurate, it's not designed to track individuals in real-time or infringe on their privacy with specific personal details. We work to protect the privacy of users and customers. These are the insights IPinfo provides.

  • Geolocation

    Find the latitude and longitude coordinates, region, country, postal/ZIP code, and city for any IP address.

  • ASN

    Related domains, allocation date, registry name, the total number of IP addresses, and assigned prefixes.

  • Firmographics

    Discover the company’s name, domain name, and what type of company it is: ISP, business, or hosting.

  • Mobile Carrier

    Find mobile data including every mobile IP’s carrier name, country code, and network code.

  • Privacy Detection

    Identify various methods used to mask a user’s true IP address (VPN/Tor/Proxy).

  • IP Ranges

    Gather a full list of IP ranges operated or assigned to one domain.

  • Abuse Contacts

    View information belonging to the abuse contact of every IP address on the Internet.

  • Hosted Domains

    Retrieve a full list of domains that are hosted on a single IP address.

Play with the data

To make our datasets more usable, we regularly develop new tools. Try a few out for yourself!

  • What is my IP

    Test our data accuracy by viewing insights from your IP address.

  • Map IPs

    Paste up to 500,000 IPs to see where they're located on a map.

  • Summarize IPs

    Use our data visualization tool for a visual overview of multiple IP addresses.

Data success stories

  • David Belson
    David BelsonSenior Director, Data Insights, Fastly

    IP geolocation is part art, part science, and @coderholic and team @ipinfo nail both!

  • Jan Löffler
    Jan LöfflerCTO, Plesk

    IPinfo.io helped us tremendously to gain market insights about the hosting and datacenter industry.

  • Andrew Morris
    Andrew MorrisFounder / CEO, GreyNoise

    IPinfo has a great team, responsive API, affordable prices, and unbeatable uptime—every feature we could ask for. I recommend it to all of my friends in the industry. Side by side with other providers, it cannot be beaten.

  • Olegas Murasko
    Olegas MuraskoVP Engineering, TransferGo

    IPinfo's API was fundamental in being able to offer a stress-free transaction service. Their accuracy and provisions to ensure our needs were constantly met, allowed us to provide the customer experience we were searching for.

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