We have exciting news for Snowflake users! Today IPinfo launched the free IP to Country and ASN data on Snowflake Marketplace. The new free datasets require near-zero maintenance due to an IP range aggregation on the joined database, which optimizes these listings for even faster queries.

IPinfo’s engineering team has optimized join times with Snowflake’s powerful UDTFs, reducing query times from 14 minutes to less than 30 seconds for all IPinfo proprietary datasets. Additionally, IPinfo will launch a new UDFs and UDTFs solution that immediately makes this new database functional with very little code writing required.

The fields included in the database are as follows:

  • IP address range
  • Country of the IP address
  • Country code (ISO 3166-2)
  • Continent name
  • Continent shortcode
  • ASN (Autonomous System Number)
  • Name of the AS organization
  • Domain or the official website of the AS organization

While the free datasets are only a subset of IPinfo’s data listings, they retain premium accuracy and unrestricted access to all records within the included fields. IPinfo’s free IP to Country and ASN data can be used for many use cases, including location data enrichment, risk analysis, and audience segmentation.

“We’re excited to make our free IP data available within Snowflake. IPinfo develops proprietary, accurate, and highly performant IP data. Snowflake’s platform has given us various tools to optimize queries and improve join time from minutes to seconds. Like our paid plans in Snowflake Marketplace, the free IP to Country and ASN data retain premium accuracy and are optimized for Snowflake’s platform. Customers can get started with the data in a matter of seconds.” - Ross Lewis, Head of Partnerships & Ecosystem

Organizations use these datasets to monitor networks and firewall management, develop threat intelligence, geotarget and localize use experiences, enforce compliance with regional and international data protection laws, analyze website traffic and performance, protect intellectual property, and optimize network routing and peering, among many other use cases.

To get started quickly with IPinfo's data in Snowflake, check out IPinfo’s in-depth documentation.

Start using the Free IP Data in Snowflake!